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The Standard Package
Everything you need to be seen by loan signing agencies, title companies, borrowers, and anyone else seeking the services of a notary public. Your email address and listing on USANotaries.com help bolster your image as a true professional in your field.
  • Your own email box - yourname@usanotaries.com shows the world that you are a professional in the notary business, and protects your personal email account. Avoid being forced to give out your ISP account, or having to use a Hotmail or Yahoo account.
  • 20 MB email capacity holds even the largest document sets. Larger accounts available.
  • POP, SMTP, and web access to email. Use your favorite email program such as Outlook, or check your email from anywhere you can access the web.
  • Your own web page with all of your contact information, experience, and credentials. (Web page address is not guaranteed to be static. Please see our Premium package for a personalized, fixed web site address that can be placed on your business cards, etc.)
  • Display up to 2 logos showing your industry memberships and certifications.
  • Printable version of your web page that can be printed out and used for marketing your services to signing agencies, title companies, and any other potential clients.
  • More business - We are constantly marketing this directory to all types of businesses that require notary services, adding to an ever growing list of potential clients.
  • High visibility - Mortgage companies and signing services can easily locate your contact information by searching on state and county.
  • Only $59.95 for 1 year membership
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