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The Premium Package
Everything you need to be seen by loan signing agencies, title companies, borrowers, and anyone else seeking the services of a notary public. Place yourself above the rest of the field with your own personalized web site address.
  • Your own sub-domain - yourname.usanotaries.com web address is personalized and remains static, allowing you to use your web site address for all your documents and forms. No more obscure, hard to remember URL's found in most directories.
  • Your own Premium web page with all of your contact information, experience, and credentials.
  • Add your portrait or your business logo, or other graphics such as an industry certification or membership logo, your state flag, etc. to a prominent position in the top left hand corner of your Premium web page listing. Additional logos can be placed across the bottom of the page to show your industry memberships and certifications.
  • Your own email box - yourname@usanotaries.com shows the world that you are a professional in the notary business, and protects your personal email account. Avoid being forced to give out your ISP account, or having to use a Hotmail or Yahoo account.
  • Optional custom email boxes for your sub-domain. Add up to 5 email addresses such as jsmith@jsmith.usanotaries.com, or notary@jsmith.usanotaries.com.
  • 20 MB email capacity holds even the largest document sets. Larger accounts available.
  • POP, SMTP, and web access to email. Use your favorite email program such as Outlook, or check your email from anywhere you can access the web.
  • Printable version of your web page that can be printed out and used for marketing your services to signing agencies, title companies, and any other potential clients.
  • More business - We are constantly marketing this directory to all types of businesses that require notary services, adding to an ever growing list of potential clients.
  • High visibility - Mortgage companies and signing services can easily locate your contact information by searching on state and county.
  • Only $109.95 for 1 year membership
Add that professional touch to your business cards and stationary with your own personalized web page address
See the full size page - rbhall.usanotaries.com

See the printable version for marketing

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