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USANOTARIES.COM Placement Policy

Our standard standard guidelines are to order the notary listings as follows:

  1. The first notary to join in any county or region, if regions are introduced, will occupy the first position in that county or region, the second will occupy the second position, and so on, based on 2 groups - standard and premium.
  2. All Premium members will be listed first in the order that their applications are received. All Standard  members will be listed in the order that their applications are received after all Premium member listings.
  3. Standard members who later upgrade to Premium membership will be placed according to the date of the upgrade, not the original date of joining. This is to prevent Premium members from being pushed down in position by Standard members who later upgrade to Premium.

Simply put, within the categories of Premium and Standard, notaries are placed higher when they join earlier, and are not pushed down by new notary memberships. Keep in mind that since Premium member listings are placed above Standard member listings, Standard member listings can be pushed down by the Premium member listings while still maintaining their positions with regard to other Standard member listings.

It is our intention to keep this policy for some time. The only factor that may change this policy with regard to some methods of search would be the introduction of our new database engine, due out sometime in 2007, that will allow selecting and sorting by multiple criteria, including proximity to the signing. Such a system will further benefit everyone involved, including the notaries listed at 

While we may eventually sell top placements in each county/region, this would only be the top 5 or 10 spots. We do not have plans at this time to sell top listing positions, and will continue to follow our guidelines above until such time as we deem a need or benefit to changing this policy. recognizes the importance of a membership that is large and geographically diverse, and it is our intention to make this directory a win-win-win situation for all involved.

DISCLAIMER - This policy may change at any time due to changes in how notaries are searched, such as, but not limited to, inclusion of a database that allows search by distance of the closest notary to the signing, search by notary's credentials and/or qualifications, or search by any other criteria or technology that may add in order enhance the ability of the signing entity utilizing the directory to select a notary public. We believe that such enhancements serve to increase the efficiency of those using the directory to find a notary public, encouraging them to use this directory on a more frequent basis, and thereby increasing the likelihood of more business for all notaries who list here. 

By agreeing to be placed in the USANOTARIES.COM notary directory, you acknowledge that you have read, agree, and abide by the terms and conditions of the USANOTARIES.COM Terms of Service, of which this Placement Policy is a part of. In the case that there is a dispute and a difference exists between the Placement Policy and the Terms of Service, the Terms of Service will prevail as the terms by which will enforce its policy.

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